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Wednesday, October 22, 2014, 8:00 pm, $7-$10
Periwinkle Cinema: queer horror

May Jack-o-lanterns burning bright Of soft and golden hue Pierce through the future’s veil and show What fate now holds for you. ~Author Unknown Periwinkle’s October Spooktacular will be a night of queer horror shorts and a mystery feature that is sure to scare the pants right off you. Curated By Gentry McShane We will... Read more »

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October Window Performance – Action to raise consciousness about HOME

For Better Homes & Gardens Today Artists Christopher Statton and megan Wilson have partnered with the Gubbio Project, the Coalition On Homelessness, and At The Crossroads to: 1) Heighten awareness around “home” and the realities of homelessness; 2) Cultivate a dialog within communities and amongst disparate groups; and 3) Raise money to benefit each of these critical organizations… Read more »

This Week at ATA : October 13 – 27, 2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014, 7:00 pm 18th Annual Arab Film Festival: Short Program 1 The Arab Film Festival is the largest independent annual showcase of Arab films and filmmakers in the country. Shorts Program 1 : 98 min Sled 12:00 min Wishing Well 15:20 min Egyptian Sons 30:00 min In Her Eyes 10:10 min Though… Read more »

LISTEN TO THIS SH*T! An Interview with Guillermo Sanchez del Corral and Rafael Saenz of “Poop Is Art and Vice Versa”

guillermo and rafa 1

Guillermo and Rafa are 30-something entrepreneurs who make art from a material that makes most of us cringe. Not unfamiliar to challenging taboos, they run a gift poop delivery service called I Poop You, which allows anyone with an imagination to express his or her most nuanced emotions towards loved ones via six flavors of… Read more »

Anne McGuire Talks ‘The Freddy McGuire Show’ (Performance on Friday, 8 p.m.)

Bay Area-artist Anne McGuire says she doesn’t mind when her performance partner tries to trip her up while singing live. McGuire, a prolific video and performance artist, sings original and often improvised lyrics while longtime collaborator Wobbly (Jon Leidecker) provides accompaniment with a synthesizer and sampler. Usually they perform alongside video McGuire has shot. While she sings, Wobbly likes… Read more »

see also: KQED’s series Truly California celebrates 10 years with “It Came From Kuchar” now on YouTube!

Just in time for our Kuchar  mini-fest September 25 (Mike Kuchar) & 26 (George Kuchar‘s gorgeous weather diaries) see our Calendar Laugh, squirm and possibly shed a tear when KQED 9 profiles Bay Area filmmaking legends George and Mike Kuchar in the Truly CA broadcast premiere of It Came from Kuchar.   See ‘It… Read more »

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